Golden History: When Golden Went Dry

January 1, 2016

Did you know that Colorado adopted Prohibition four years before the federal government did?  Today is the 100th anniversary of the start of Prohibition in Colorado.   I checked the Colorado Historic Newspapers site to see what the Transcript had to say on the subject.

In the weeks leading up to Prohibition, the Foss Drug Company ran ads, advising people to stock up on rubbing alcohol.

Foss Drug Alcohol Ad

Meanwhile, the Anti-Saloon League was pushing the state legislature to enact an enforcement measure that would require the mayor of each town “…to arise from his seat and read the names of all citizens -who have purchased liquor during the preceding thirty days.”

Here’s what the January 7, 1916 issue of the Transcript had to report:

The passing of Golden as a “wet” town was marked by a grand free-for-all fight, but no one was hurt much, and a few of the belligerent ones obtained a warm bed at Sheriff Dennis’ establishment.  The row started about ten on the night of the 31st. apparently over nothing in particular.  Soon after the battle started and swung into the streets the saloons were all closed and John Barleycorn departed. 

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