What’s the City up to?

Here’s the run-down on this week’s City meetings.  All meetings take place in City Council chambers (911 10th St.) and all are broadcast live through the City website.  Much more detail is available on the Agenda page in the posted meeting packets.

The Downtown Development Authority meets tonight at 6:30.

They will be asked to approve three grant requests:
– $3500 for Foothills Art Center in support of the Holiday Art Market and Candlelight Walk.
– $1500 for the Golden Sustainable Home Tour, to pay for brochures.
– $2500 to Table Mountain Vision to help alleviate drainage issues on the property.

Foothills Art Center will also request $20,000 to help upgrade their facilities.

The developer working on new townhomes at 8th and Arapahoe Streets will ask the DDA to contribute about $35,000 to new streetscaping alongside the project.

arapahoeclosuresmClosing Arapahoe Street – Click to Enlarge

Calvary Church is requesting $12-15,000 to offset the cost of design work for a proposed parking garage at 14th and Arapahoe.  This is part of their longer-range plan to close down Arapahoe Street between their church and the Armory Building.

In other news, the DDA has funded new water filling stations in the bathrooms at Parfet Park and next to the Astor House.  They have also installed bike racks in front of the Buffalo Rose.

The Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) will meet Wednesday morning at 7:30.  They will discuss the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan that city staff will present to City Council.  As always, the first priority in capital spending is maintenance of what we already have–roads, sidewalks, parks, water and wastewater infrastructure, etc.

New expenditures include building a new trail along 44th Avenue and contributing to a trail from Golden into Clear Creek Canyon.  The Astor House will need substantial funding to rebuild the Interior after its current gutting is complete.  Fossil Trace will need about $373K to maintain and replace equipment.

Some of the planned capital investments will also require increased operating costs, as the new trails will need to be maintained and the remodeled Astor House will need to be staffed.  The Operating Budget will be discussed next month.

Here’s some good news:  the Golf Course/ Splash/ Community Center expansion and Open Space bonds will be paid off in 2021, so at that point our annual debt repayments will be $2.4 million less.

prospectorplaceExample of new development in North Clear Creek neighborhood

Planning Commission will hold a study session (no public comment) Wednesday evening at 6:30.  Nathan Richie, the Director of the History Museums, will present his plan to turn the Astor House into a beer museum.  They will discuss updates to our sign code.  Finally, they will discuss the North Clear Creek Neighborhoods Plan.  This plan designates Goosetown (10th Street east of Ford) and the current Coors Tek building as “areas of significant change.”  The plan calls for them to be redeveloped as multistory mixed use office/apartment buildings

City Council meets Thursday night at 6:30.  They will consider a resolution in support of Jefferson County Public Schools Bond Issue and Mill Levy Override ballot initiatives.  They will hold their first public hearing on the Capital Improvement Plan (see the CBAC discussion above).  They will be asked to approve the sale of two pieces of City property on Pine Ridge Road.