This Week’s Meetings

For more details about the meetings below, see the meeting packets on the City’s Agendas page.

The Historic Preservation Board meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will be asked to provide certificates of appropriateness for two planned additions to homes in the 8th and 9th Street Historic District.  808 Arapahoe Street will have a 1400 square foot addition, and 700 Cheyenne St. will have a 2070 square foot addition and a covered patio.  Both homes will be more than doubled in size.  This board will then have a study session, but the agenda does not specify the topic.

Beer MuseumThe Golden History Museum will host a meeting starting at 6 on Tuesday.  The topic will be the Beer Museum that they want to build in the Astor House.

The Planning Commission will meet Wednesday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will conduct a public hearing regarding a site plan and special use permit for a retail automotive sales business (Carmax) with outdoor lighting.  The new dealership will be in the big open lot east of Kohl’s.


The Public Art Commission will meet Thursday morning at 9AM in City Council Chambers.  They will continue their discussion of the 6 bronze sculptures that may be removed.  They have heard from three consultants now.  The first (an art conservator) said that the pieces were Chinese copies, which could leave us open to claims of copyright infringement.  The second opinion opinion came from an attorney, who reinforced that point of view.  The third opinion (another art conservator) said that the Chinese sculpture “factories” sometimes had their own in-house sculptors, and while the pieces weren’t particularly original, they might not be copies–making it safer to keep them on display.  The public art commission may vote as to whether to keep each piece…or they may pass it on the City Council, to let them decide.  The City Attorney will attend the meeting to advise them as needed.

The second order of business will be discussion of the giant hummingbird to be installed in the roundabout by King Soopers.  The Commission is currently running a survey to see whether the public prefers to have the bird constructed of sheets of steel (which would be a uniform color) or to use car hoods, which would result in a multi-colored piece.  Your input is welcome.

Finally, the Commission will discuss the contractual relationship with the neighborhood group that plans to install an elk statue in the roundabout at the gateway to Heritage Dells.