This Week’s Meetings

Buffalo Rose Remodel 2016Click to Enlarge

Monday at 6:30 in City Council Chambers – Historic Preservation Board (map)
The new owner of the Buffalo Rose plans some big changes, and tonight he will ask the Historic Preservation Board to approve a “Certificate of Appropriateness” for demolition of the current buildings.  According to the current schedule, the business will be closed for 2017 and will reopen in early 2018.


Monday at 6:30 in the Planning Office – Golden Urban Renewal Authority (map)
In August, city staff met with several developers to discuss the Colfax corridor.  The developers came up with a variety of ideas as to how Colfax could/should be developed.  They also discussed impediments that might discourage development and what sorts of catalysts could be provided to encourage it.  Tonight, the GURA board has invited the property owners to consider redevelopment possibilities and to see what they would be interested in doing with their property.  City Staff will update the board about the project planned for 24th Street between Jackson and Ford.

Tuesday at 6:30 in City Council Chambers – Economic Development
EdComm will discuss two upcoming networking events–one on September 22nd in the Corporate Center office park and one on September 29th in the Armory Building.  They will also discuss whether they will continue three sponsorships:  the Jeffco Business Resource Center, Jeffco Business Education Alliance, and Traxion Business Accelerator.  They will also hear from Museum Director Nathan Richie about the Astor House remodeling.

Thursday at 6:30 in City Council Chamber – City Council Study Session (map)
Note that this is a study session, so there will be no public comment.   Council will an update from the Sustainability Board and will also spend time learning about the issues that will appear on this fall’s ballot.  The City Manager will introduce the proposed Capital Improvement Plans for 2017.

For much more information about these meetings, see the meeting packets on the City’s Agenda, Minutes, and Webcasts page.