Quilts, Energy, and Beer

The Story QuiltWomen of the Plains – source

The Quilt Museum kicks off their “Sunday at the Museum” series this afternoon from 2-4 with The Story Quilts of Jean Wolk.  According to the Story Quilts website:  From 1980 to her death in 2011, Jewell created nine story quilts and planned a tenth. For many of the quilts she spent years researching the stories. This included interviews with dozens of people who lived the stories shown on the quilts and research in libraries, museums and related information sources.  The Quilt Museum is located at 1213 Washington Ave. (map)

The Renewable Energy lecture series continues tonight at 6PM at the Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 West 32nd Avenue (map).  For National Drive Electric Week we’ll hear from Jim Smith and others who are happily driving an electric car and why they’re never going back. Jim is the owner of Golden Real Estate and lets his brokers and clients try the firm’s Tesla or Volt, which convinced many of them to get one themselves. Driving is believing. Jim is anchoring the event with his PowerPoint presentation entitled “Gas Powered Cars Are Obsolete – And Here’s Why.” Learn why EVs are more pleasant to drive, how their overall cost may beat out comparable gasoline cars, how “range anxiety” can cease to be an issue, and more. Some Tesla, Volt, and Leaf test drives will be available. Contact: Martin Voelker, 303-215-1110 or

Golden Beer TalksTuesday’s Golden Beer Talk will feature Ken Regelson–an energy policy analyst, storyteller, and clean energy advocate.   In a world of boring, heavy, complex information about energy and climate change, Ken’s talks are a breath of fresh air – fun, upbeat, quick, and clear! This talk will cover renewable energy cost and comfort, as well as strategies for transitioning to 100% renewable energy—or darn close. Other topics will be electrifying cars and the surprising changes in the last year that may indicate a tipping point for renewable energy.   Golden Beer Talks is a monthly lecture series that covers a variety topics and features beer from one of Golden’s craft breweries.  It takes place at Windy Saddle Cafe in downtown Golden.  See the website for more details.