The Sustainability Board will meet tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will be discussing their priorities for the year, extending the Pay As You Throw program, and project responsibilities for individual board Members.  See their meeting packet for the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, and a list of their assignments for the year.

City Council meets tomorrow night at 6:30.  They will discuss the City’s current financial status, consider whether to authorize a 10 year franchise agreement with Comcast, and consider authorizing a new contract for bus advertising shelters within the city.  They will also decide whether to permit rezoning of the Golden Community Center to retroactively allow the HVAC system that was installed on the roof several months ago.  The new HVAC system exceeds the height limit allowed under current zoning.  Neighbors object to the loss of view caused by the new system.  Since the cost of moving the system is high, the City wants to change the zoning to permit it, rather than moving it.  The Planning Commission did not support this change, as it does not comply with current codes, but City Council may, since they are responsible for staying within the budget.

The study session after City Council’s business meeting will cover a proposed smoking ban, removal of traffic signals at 4th and Kimball on Heritage Road, and the planned Fall Fitness Challenge.  For more information, view the agenda online.  The meeting will be broadcast live on Cable Channel 8 or through the City’s website.