Meetings & Music

The forecast says we’ll be in the 50s for the next three days.

Buffalo Bill Statue in Golden ColoradoThe Public Art Commission will be meeting this morning at 9AM in City Council Chambers. They are currently soliciting proposals for a large piece of art to be placed off of Highway 93, at the north entrance to town. They will discuss the process for evaluating the proposals. They will also discuss a new Arts Week, which is scheduled to take place in July. This is in addition to the Golden Fine Arts Festival that takes place in August. They will review a program that Lakewood has of rotating art pieces, and considering whether Golden might like to try that. See their meeting packet for more information….

The new Golden Investment Forum Task Force meets tonight at 6PM in City Council Chambers. This is the group that will look at our community “wish list,” consider whether we really want everything on the list, and if so, figure out how to pay for it. The meeting packet includes an interesting list of thus far unfunded “wants.”

Cultural Facilities
City Museums – $11,029,000
Performing/Cultural Arts Center – ???

Recreation Facilities
GCC Aquatics Expansion – $5,500,000
Grampsas Facility Improvements – $10,400,000
Splash Expansion – $3,000,000

Clear Creek Corridor
Lions Park Improvements – $4,309,000
Parfet Park Improvements – $780,000
Clear Creek Ped Bridge – $600,000

Other Park Improvements
Bachman Park – $3,000,000
DeLong Park – $750,000
Longboard Course – $200,000
Trail/Bridge Improvements – $40,000
Improvements to Existing Parks – $527,000

Sustainability Improvements
Community Solar Garden – $4,000,000
Solar for City Buildings – $10,000,000

Affordable Housing
Land banking for projects – $10,000,000
Partnering for Projects – $8,000,000

Open Space Acquisitions
On-Going acquisitions – $10,000,000

Downtown Improvements
Major Streetscape – $8,000,000

Heritage Road and 6th – $6,000,000
SH 93 from SH 58 north – $30,000,000
West Colfax Ave – $5,000,000
Misc Complete Streets – $600,000

Municipal Facilities
Police Evidence Storage – $300,000
New City Hall – $20,000,000
Broadband up front – $36,000,000
Street Light Purchase – $1,000,000
City Share of Undergrounding – $8,000,000

Guiding Golden LogoWhat do you think? Is there anything on that list that you’d just as soon live without? The City has set up a new website that’s designed to capture public opinion. The address is

Live Music
Quatros Borrachos will be playing tonight from 6-9PM at New Terrain Brewery.

Giant Zero will play at Barrels & Bottles tomorrow night (Friday) from 6-9PM.

The Ace Hi Tavern has Karaoke Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights beginning at 9PM