Labor Day and Historic Growth

Originally published September 2, 2019
In honor of Labor Day, here are images from the 1893
Golden Globe Industrial Edition
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I love reading old Golden Transcripts, and noting how many of the same issues are discussed, decade after decade. Last night I was reading the September 2, 1971 edition. City Council was debating whether to approve the Golden Ridge Apartments. The developer planned to build 1019 apartments on that site, including two 10-story buildings. Council was concerned about impacts of so much growth on our streets, schools, police and fire departments, and water supply.

Some Golden residents felt that the development was too big and the size and style of the buildings would be inappropriate for Golden. Mrs. Dottie Massaro commented in the May 13th Transcript that “The size of the development disturbs me…. People feel threatened by high-rise. There are no high-rises in this part of the country. People aren’t used to seeing them.” She didn’t expect Golden to resist the buildings, however.

The plan apparently was eventually scaled down. Today’s Golden Ridge Condominiums contain only 372 units.

Golden residents are still concerned about excessive growth and inappropriate construction styles. This year, in response to several large developments in town, the Keep Golden Golden group asked Council for a temporary moratorium on new building in the R2 and R3 zones. Council agreed, and during that pause they approved several code changes designed to temper growth and scale.

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for digitizing the old Transcripts, and thanks to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!

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