Do you want a beer museum?


The Golden History Museum is seeking public opinion on their plan to turn the Astor House into a “beer museum.”

They plan to serve tasting flights to visitors, to educate them about different beer styles over time.  They point out that Golden has been brewing beer since the 1870s, and that the craft beer movement is popular, not only in Golden but throughout the state.  They anticipate that such a museum would be a major attraction in the state.

The Museum brought the idea to City Council.  Council told them to gauge public opinion and come back in October.  So the Museum is now seeking public opinion.

Those who are in favor of the beer museum stress these points:

• It will be a regional attraction, and will draw many visitors.
• It will bring revenue to the city
• Beer is part of Golden’s culture
• Beer is topical right now

Those who are opposed to the idea have this to say:

• We don’t need more crowds downtown.
• Where would all those visitors park? We’re already planning to charge for parking starting in January.
• The City shouldn’t be serving liquor.
• The City shouldn’t be competing with our craft breweries and bars.
• Craft beer is stylish now and may be outmoded in two years.  The City shouldn’t spend money developing a museum about a passing fancy.
• Golden is a family-oriented small town. This doesn’t seem family-oriented, nor supportive of a small town.
• We should be considering many ideas for how to use the Astor House…why have we only been given one idea for discussion?

What do you think?  The Museum wants to hear from you.  Please take this opportunity to complete their online survey.

Tonight’s Golden Cruise
Yesterday we mentioned that the Golden Bike Library planned to stay open during the Golden Cruise, so people could borrow bikes.  They’ve since realized that the bikes in the library aren’t equipped with lights for night riding.  They might be able to add lights to a few bikes by tonight, but to be safe, you should call them (303-597-3600) to confirm whether you’ll be able to borrow a bike.