Antlers and Quilts

Antlers at Lookout Mountain Nature Center

This afternoon at 1PM and again at 2:30PM, the Lookout Mountain Nature Center will present “Intriguing Points About Antlers.” Autumn means mating season for Colorado’s numerous antlered residents, including elk and mule deer. A highlight of their annual social calendar, “the rut” is marked by the male’s defensive posturing and display of their magnificent antlers. This program will help you understand the purpose of antlers and how they grow. We’ll also provide some safety tips for viewing deer and elk, especially during the rut.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum presents Sunday at the Museum this afternoon. Quilt historian Terry Terrell will present the results of her research on an 1856 Quaker quilt made in Ohio, Elizabeth’s Ohio Star. The inscribed quilt, begun by Elizabeth Stanton when she was only nine, was influenced by religious, family, and historic forces. During the construction of this quilt, Elizabeth lost both parents at a time when there were violent rifts in the Quaker religion. Imagine being a pre-teen in the tumultuous years before and during the Civil War. You will be amazed what secrets a quilt can tell us when we know how to look. Museum doors open at 11:00 a.m. Presentations begin at 2pm. $10 per person includes museum admission and refreshments. Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum members admitted free.