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    View of Golden from Lookout Mountain.  Grass and trees are green with spring.
    Golden Eye Candy – Liz Erickson – Oh-So-Green-Golden – enlarge


    9 images of Golden, CO during May of 2023
    Golden in May – enlarge

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    Barb Warden


    6-6:55AM Cardio Lift Interval (Virtual)
    8-8:55AM Tai Chi (Virtual)
    8:30-9:30AM Power Training (Virtual)
    9AM Golden Walks – Wednesday Morning Celebrating Life @ Golden Library
    10:15-10:45AM Toddler Time @ Golden Library
    10AM, 1PM and 4PM Wild West Short Tour
    10AM, 1PM and 4PM Wild West Walking Tour
    10-10:55AM All Levels Yoga (Virtual)
    3-5PM Hard Times Writing Workshop (Virtual)

    Centennial House in Golden Gate Canyon

    4:30PM Celebrate Centennial House @ Golden Gate Grange
    Please join Jefferson County Open Space to celebrate the listing of the Centennial House in the State Register of Historic Properties. Plaque presentation and brief remarks. Light refreshments provided.

    Limited tours available by reservation before and after the celebration. Please register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/centennial-house-tour-tickets-636617258357.

    6-9PM Basic Climbing @ American Mountaineering Center

    See the complete calendar of events.

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    6-9PM Jon Ridnell @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage)

    6-9PM Branden Sipes @ Miners Saloon


    Jefferson County courthouse with notes showing the placement of various functions (jail, courtroom, etc.).
    1878 Courthouse, formerly at 15th and Washington, with the jail in the basement – enlarge

    141 Years Ago
    The May 31, 1882 Colorado Transcript described an attempted jail break from the 4 year old county courthouse. The article began by praising the security of the structure, and bragged that Larimer county sent their toughest prisoners to Jefferson County’s jail in Golden. It then went on to describe a near-miss the previous week.

    The Sheriff and a deputy were both sleeping in a room across the hall from the jail when they were awakened by the sound of a board breaking. They rushed across the hall to see a blanket hanging from the top of a cell, obscuring the view of the occupants. They removed the blanket and saw “two of the worst and most desperate characters in the jail trying to force their way through the ceiling to the court room above.” The prisoners immediately abandoned the attempted escape.

    1878 Courthouse, formerly at 15th and Washington, with the jail in the basement – enlargeNorth Side – enlarge

    A confederate had passed a knife through the jail window. The prisoners were able to use the knife to saw through the bars at the top of their cell. Once through those, they began burrowing through the plaster ceiling and wooden floor above them. In their impatience, they broke a board instead of sawing through it, and it was that noise that woke the jailers.

    “Sheriff Johnson found a very tender and affectionate farewell they had written and left in the cell for his consolation.”

    In the week between the incident and press time, the county commissioners had added a layer of half-inch thick “boiler iron” and thicker flooring above the cells.

    Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!

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