It’s chilly today, but tomorrow will be REALLY COLD, with a forecast high of 11 degrees.  If you had planned to go to Denver for the Stock Show parade, you now have a free day.  They’ve cancelled it.

According to, “hundreds of thousands” are expected to visit Denver for the National Western Stock Show.   Did you know that Golden has a stock show-related event?  From January 19th – 22nd, we’re home to the Colorado Cowboy Gathering, now celebrating its 28th year.  It’s a fun event, with lots of cowboy music, comedy, and poetry.  It’s mostly live performances, but on Saturday afternoon, they’re going to have the world premiere of a movie, Everything in the Song is True.  Watch it now for a foretaste of the shows, and get the Cowboy Gathering on your schedule!

Everything In The Song Is True from Morrione Films on Vimeo.