The Creek Today, the Creek in the Future, and Some Hold-Ups

September 15, 2020

Golden Eye Candy – Joyce Davell – Reading Along the Re-Opened Creek – click to enlarge

Public Health References
CDC * Colorado * Jefferson County * City of Golden

JCPHD updates these numbers Monday through Friday at about 3 PM. Here’s the most recent Coronavirus report from Jeffco Public Health’s Case Summary Page:

Cases in Jeffco – Fri: 5081 | Mon: 5156
Deaths in Jeffco –
Fri: 245 | Mon: 245
Ever Hospitalized in Jeffco –
Fri: 541 | Mon: 543 (currently 17)
Recovered –
Fri: 4616 | Mon: 4666
Known Cases in Golden –
Fri: 181 | Mon: 181

School of Mines COVID-19 case page. | Masks are required. | City and County fire restrictions are in place. | CLEAR CREEK IS NOW OPEN.

Virtual Golden

7:30AM Downtown Merchants Meeting – register
10:15AM Baby & Toddler Time with the Library
1-2:30PM Zoom into Watercolor with Janet Nunn – Rock Wall and Window with Wax Paper
3PM Golden Restaurants & CSAB Virtual Networking
Notice to all Golden restaurants – the Community Sustainability Advisory Board is seeking your input on ways to assist your business! We understand this is a challenging time, and we need your thoughts on what ways to help reduce your energy costs, conserve water and recycle more – without adding to your bottom line. Join us for a short virtual networking session to share strategies and identify ways that the City of Golden can better support the restaurant community. Join the meeting online

5:30PM Golden High School PTA Meeting (Zoom)

6PM 12th Street Historic District “Heart of Golden” Meeting
This is the second “stakeholders’ meeting regarding the remodel of the land along Clear Creek. The residents of the 8th and 9th Street Historic District did a good job last week of keeping the focus on not exacerbating the problems we’ve had with crowds and parking.

This is really a key issue in this plan to make Clear Creek ever more attractive. Are we doing it to attract ever more tourists? Have we identified a workable way to control the number of people using the Creek at any given time?

7PM Parks Recreation and Museums Advisory Board Meeting
The Board will discuss the Lubahn Trail and the Director will update them on various parks projects.

Real Life Golden

10AM Director’s Storytime and Craft at the Railroad Museum

Golden History Moment

September 1920
100 years ago today, two young Golden men were robbed on 12th Street. They were on their way home when a man came up behind them and demanded that they hold up their hands. They turned around and “found themselves looking into the business end of a six shooter. One man was relieved of a valuable pocket watch and the other lost several dollars. The robber then told them to “beat it” and shot at them. The bullet went through the shirt and undershirt of one of the young men, “slightly broke the skin,” and gave him powder burns. The footpad got away.

Such tales are pretty rare in Golden’s history, so I went in search of other hold-ups.

November 1906
A Golden High School boy was returning to him home on “the middle road” (32nd St.), when a man accosted him and demanded his money. The boy said he was broke. The man lunged toward him to verify the broke-ness. The boy “gave the man such a fight he was glad to take to his heels, and will probably not pick out a Golden High school boy as his victim next time.”

August 1925
An armed man stepped in front of automobile on 10th Street and commanded the driver to stop. The driver stepped down on the accelerator and got away.

February 1950
Two junior high boys were walking near 19th and Ford when two 16 year olds accosted them with a knife. The thieves got 5 cents from one of the boys and nothing from the other. Police were unable to track down the robbers.

There have been a fair number of business robberies over the years, but those were the only articles I found of people being assaulted and robbed on the streets of Golden.

Many thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and many thanks to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!