Tax Revenue, Spyderco, Pride Days, and Shots Fired

September 15, 2021

Golden Eye Candy – Lindsay Young – North Table Mountain, Late Summer – click to enlarge

Virtual Events

6-6:55AM Cardio Lift Interval
8:30-9:30AM Virtual Power Training
3-5PM Hard Times Writing Workshop
10AM Medicare 101 – Get the Basics
10:15AM Baby Time with the Library
5:30-7PM Golden Orators Toastmasters
6-7:30PM Teens – Dream Colleges with the Princeton Review

Real World Events

7:30AM Citizen Budget Advisory Committee Meeting @ City Hall
CBAC will discuss the Capital Improvement Plan for 2022. The July sax tax report is interesting. Online retailers are now providing a large part of our sales tax; in fact, Amazon is now one of the top five sources of sales tax in the City. Downtown is now up 10.3% compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic). Restaurants are also above 2019 levels. See the full sales tax memo in the meeting packet….

9AM Golden Walks – Wednesday Morning Celebrating Life @ Golden Library

1-4PM Arthur Lakes Library Open House @ 1400 Illinois Street (map)
See what’s new @ the library; discover student resources; and get library swag (Limited quantities) and food and drinks! For more information email

Spyderco property – click to enlarge

6:30PM Planning Commission Study Session @ City Hall
The Planning Commission will conduct a site plan review on a proposed expansion for Spyderco. They hope to add to their warehouse and build a standalone research and development building. See the meeting packet for more information….

Live Music

Peter Burkholder 6-9 Tonight at the Buffalo Rose

6PM Peter Burkholder @ Buffalo Rose (Sky Bar Stage – outdoor patio)
6PM Live Music @ Miners Saloon
6:30PM Open Jam/Mic at Over Yonder Brewing

Golden Community Pride Days

We didn’t have Golden Pride Days last year, because of COVID, but we are having it THIS WEEKEND. Start gathering up the stuff you want to get rid of! Learn more….

Golden History Moment

Golden Smelter – click to enlarge

A few days ago, I wrote about “frontier justice” in 1860. Here’s a story from half a century later, which still feels a bit wild west.

111 Years Ago
The September 15, 1910 Colorado Transcript reports “NERVY YOUTH FRUSTRATES BURGLAR.” It tell of Homer Myers, the nephew of the Golden Smelter’s superintendent. He was home alone when someone approached the house and said “who’s there?” Young Myers asked what the visitor wanted.

I’ll show you d—d quick what I want” was the reply, and with that a tall man, wearing a black slouch hat, a mask over his face, and carrying a big six shooter, stepped into the house and told the young man to throw up his hands.

Instead, Homer darted into the next room, got a revolver, and fired at the intruder. He took two more shots as the man ran away, though apparently didn’t hit him. The would-be burglar fired one shot at the young man and hit the porch.

Location of the Golden Smelter, shown on a Google Map – click to enlarge

The article doesn’t specify the location of the house, but an August 11th piece says it was near the smelter. The Transcript speculated that the intruder may have thought that money or bullion from the smelter would be stored in the superintendent’s house.

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!