Stats, Unemployment Benefits, and Duvall-Davison Lumber

July 30, 2020

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Public Health References
CDC * Colorado * Jefferson County * City of Golden

JCPHD updates these numbers Monday through Friday at about 3 PM. Here’s the most recent Coronavirus report from Jeffco Public Health’s Case Summary Page:

Cases in Jeffco – Tues: 3779 | Weds: 3836
Deaths in Jeffco – Tues: 224 | Weds: 226
Ever Hospitalized in Jeffco – Tues: 484 | Weds: 489 (currently 32)
Recovered – Tues: 3185 | Weds: 3243
Known Cases in Golden – Tues: 141 | Weds: 141

Jefferson County mask rule: masks must be worn both indoors and outdoors in public spaces where 6 feet distance cannot be maintained. This matches Golden’s requirement. The rest of the state requires masks only indoors. The Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors protocol is in effect statewide. City and County fire restrictions are in place.

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Golden History Moment

From the 1893 Golden Globe Industrial Edition – Click to enlarge

I’ve always been interested in this business. There was a lumber yard at 13th and Ford Street for 80 years. H. T. Quick started it in 1891. He hired George Duvall to manage the business, and in 1908, Duvall and a partner, Isaac Davison, purchased the business and renamed it Duvall-Davison. Davison died in 1926, but Duvall retained the full name. Duvall-Davison Lumber operated until George Duvall’s death in 1964.

Excerpt from the 1919 Sanborn Fire Map showing the Duvall-Davison Lumberyard – Ford St. on the bottom, 13th St. on the left, 14th St. on the rightClick to enlarge

That block had an unusual layout, in that it was split diagonally, with a Catholic church on the other half of the block. That happened because a natural stream–Kinney Run–ran diagonally through the block, as did a railroad.

Duvall-Davison Lumber Company at Ford and 13th – looking across Ford St. – Click to enlarge
Photo from the Colorado Transcript, Volume 99, Number 43, July 29, 1965

After Mr. Duvall’s death (in 1964), Coors began negotiations with both the Duvall estate and the parish to acquire the land. St. Joseph’s needed a new, larger church with better parking, so the offer was welcome. Coors purchased both parcels in 1965, but continued to lease the property to St. Joseph’s and to a new lumber company (Gateway Lumber) until they were ready to build a new parking lot to accommodate brewery visitors.

Both the lumberyard buildings and the red brick church were demolished in the summer of 1973. Coors “undergrounded” Kinney Run (the stream). The railroad had been gone since the early 1950s, so Coors was able to put parking over the entire block.

It’s interesting to look at the Coors parking lot and think about what used to be there.

Satellite photo of the Coors parking lot at 13th and Ford, with the buildings, creek, and railroad tracks from the 1919 Sanborn map superimposed. Click to enlarge

To end on a pretty note, here’s a postcard from about 1900 showing Golden, with St. Joseph’s red brick church front and center.

This postcard was made with a black and white photo which was then hand-tinted. Click to enlarge

Many thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and many thanks to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!