Opening Day for The Nutcracker, Small Business Saturday, 70’s Music at the Rose, History Tours, and the Parfet House

November 27, 2021

Golden Eye Candy – Robert Saieg – Early Winter – click to enlarge

Real World Events

11AM and 2PM The Story of the Nutcracker opens today at Miners Alley Children’s Theater!
By Rory Pierce, Directed by Rory Pierce Nearly everyone know the tale of the Nutcracker: A gift to Marie from her Godfather Drosselmeier on Christmas Eve. Sadly, the beautiful Nutcracker gets broken and later that night Marie goes to check up on it. To her surprise, it has come alive, and a story-within-the-story begins! The audience is invited to become a part of the Nutcracker story and everyone gets to live happily ever after. Learn more and buy tickets….

Small Business Saturday
Today is small business Saturday, which was created in response to Black Friday, when people famously flock to the malls and big box stores. Why not check out some of our genuinely fun and charming stores today?

Santa’s Mailbox is set up at the Visitors Center (map). If your child deposits a letter to Santa (and includes a return address), Santa will write back!

10AM-3PM Brunch at the Rose @ Buffalo Rose
10AM-5PM Holiday Shakedown Street Art Market @ Over Yonder Brewing (map)
10:15AM Family Time @ Golden Library
10AM, 11:30AM, 1PM, 2:30PM and 4PM Wild West Short Tour (one hour) @ Golden Visitors Center
7:30PM Golden Ghosts and Spirits Tour @ Goosetown Station
7:30PM A Christmas Carol @ Miners Alley Playhouse

Live Music

11AM-2PM Bunny Blake on the Sky Stage @ The Buffalo Rose
7-10PM Erik Hill on the Sky Stage @ The Buffalo Rose

8PM Mr. Majestyk’s 8-Track Revival @ Buffalo Rose (main venue)
9PM Karaoke @ Ace Hi Tavern

Golden History Moment

The Globe says George Parfet’s elegant new house looms up “like a castle on Ford street.” We do not know as a castle on Ford street would loom up differently than one elsewhere in our beautiful city, but George is going to have a daisy of a house all the same, by far the best and most costly home so far erected in Golden. It is two stories high above a high basement, of buff pressed brick so extensively manufactured by the Golden Pressed Brick Company, and will be modern in every detail.
Colorado Transcript
– November 27, 1902

The 1902 Parfet Home at 19th and Ford – Golden History Museum Collection – click to enlarge

119 Years Ago
The Parfet house, built at 19th and Ford in 1902, was a showplace of the community for many years. The family’s yard stretched all the way down to Kinney Run at the bottom of the hill.

62 Years Ago
The area began to change in 1959. The City decided to “underground” Kinney Run and use that valley to extend Jackson Street. The new roadway was zoned for commercial development, so the Parfets turned the grassy backyard into a commercial lot and leased it to King Soopers.

44 Years Ago
When King Soopers withdrew from Golden, the building became a bank. Downtown parking had been so tight that the bank wanted a REALLY BIG parking lot, so in 1977 the Parfet house was demolished.

THE PARFET HOUSE was fast disappearing at 19th and Ford Streets this week–another Golden landmark which has left the Golden sceneā€¦.
Golden Transcript
– May 5, 1977

The 1977 parking lot and the 2018 town homes at 19th and Ford – Google Street View – click to enlarge

That corner remained a parking lot for more than 40 years, but in 2018, twelve town homes were built there.

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!