Masks, Tree Sale, Exercise, Music, and Golden Turkeys

November 24, 2021

Golden Eye Candy – Richard Luckin – Still Day on the Pond – click to enlarge

Mask Mandate

As you saw in yesterday’s post, our COVID numbers continue to rise–a lot. Effective today, Jefferson County Public Health has issued an order requiring face coverings in public indoor spaces for individuals aged 2 and older. Learn more… .

Tree Time!

The Golden Optimists Christmas Tree Sale is back this year! They are selling at US Bank at 19th and Jackson (map). The Optimists will again be helped by Boy Scout Troop 329. Proceeds support community projects of the Optimists as well as the scout troop. Weekday hours 1PM – 6PM, Saturday and Sunday 9AM – 6PM.

They will be closed on Thanksgiving, so visit today if you want to get the jump on everyone else!

Virtual Events

6-6:55AM Cardio Lift Interval
8:30-9:30AM Virtual Power Training
11AM-12PM All Levels Yoga Virtual

Real World Events

9AM Golden Walks – Wednesday Morning Celebrating Life @ Golden Library
6PM Pong Night @ Coda Brewing

More Exercise Events Tomorrow

There will be a 5K Turkey Chase tomorrow morning at 8AM. Learn more….

Pranatonic will host a Grateful Heart Yoga Class at 9AM Register

Live Music

6-8PM Dennis Mehiel @ The Golden Mill
6PM Live Music @ Miners Saloon
6PM That Damn Sassquatch @ New Terrain Brewing
6:30PM Open Jam/Mic at Over Yonder Brewing

Golden History Moment

We may think of backyard poultry as part of the modern trend toward urban agriculture. In fact, it’s anything but: most houses in Golden used to keep a few birds on hand, for both meat and eggs. Some families kept more than a few!

Colorado Transcript – November 4, 1966

55 Years Ago
The November 4, 1966 Colorado Transcript described Mayford Peery’s turkey ranch at 502 Ford Street (street view). The Peerys owned the Golden Mill and started small, raising six turkeys for personal consumption in 1945. That went well, so the next year they raised 100, then 600, then 1,000, and up from there. Some years were more profitable than others, depending on the market price.

The article described the cycle, beginning with receipt of the day-old “poults” (baby turkeys), which spent 4-1/2 weeks living indoors under heat lamps, followed by several months outdoors. Each bird ate a pound of food a day

Colorado Transcript – November 4, 1966

At 21 weeks, they were ready for processing. This was done onsite by Mr. and Mrs. Peery and their employees–plucking, cleaning, eviscerating, and packaging.

The Peerys raised several other varieties of poultry–pheasants, quail, and partridges–but said that turkeys were the friendliest. In fact, they advised against talking to the turkeys. “Unless you want 5000 turkeys talking to you at once, don’t even open your mouth! If you do they’ll answer–and loud!”

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!