Growth and Change–to the Campus, in the Neighborhoods, and along the Creek

September 4, 2018

Colorado School of Mines Residence Hall - Golden COThe School of Mines will hold a groundbreaking ceremony this morning at 10:30 for their new, 4-story student housing project at 1750 Jackson Street–across the street from Safeway.

This evening, Mines will conduct an open house to present their campus Master Plan for the coming years.  That meeting will take place from 5:30-7 at the Ben Parker Student Center, 1200 16th Street,

The Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board is scheduled to meet tonight at 6. The agenda hasn’t yet been posted, but it may appear on the city website later in the day.

The Planning Commission will meet tomorrow night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will vote on a code change which will allow affordable housing projects to start construction before they have collected the “allocations” required by the 1% growth limit.

They will also vote on a change to the “Tier 2” bonus, which allows developers to build higher than 30 feet if they include affordable housing or extra renewable energy components in their buildings.  The counter-argument to this plan is that the people in nearby houses will bear the loss of privacy and views while gaining none of the benefits of energy efficiency or affordability.

The final code change would expand the list of things that maybe be sold at neighborhood markets.

Golden Mill Food Hall - Golden CO

The new owners of the Golden Mill plan to redevelop it into a Food Hall, with up to 500 seats. They plan to use the current parking lot as a “flexible plaza/event/play space.” City code requires that a project of that size provide 70 parking spaces; whereas the Golden Mill building has only 19 spaces. They are requesting a variance that would allow them to use neighboring parking lots owned by the Gold Office Building and Coors Tek.

Telecommunications additions to the 1st Baptist Church - Golden Colorado

The final decision for the night will be a request for a special use permit to allow Verizon to construct telecommunications equipment on the roof of the Baptist Church at 19th and Washington.

To learn more about any of these projects, review the meeting packet on the City website. To comment on them, send an email to and cc, or attend the Commission meeting and address them during the public comment period.