Final Steps for Apartments at 24th and Jackson

March 7, 2019

9AM – Public Art Commission
meets in City Council Chambers
10AM – Everything Dinosaur Talk: Ceratopsians
11:15AM – Wee Create: Stamp Art at the Library
4PM – Lecture at the School of Mines: The Continua between Carlin-type Gold Deposits and Distal Disseminated and Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits in Nevada – Berthoud Hall, Room 241 (map)
6:30 – City Council meets in Council Chambers (more info below)

Live Music in Golden Colorado

Ace Hi Tavern – Karaoke, 9PM
Golden Hotel – Bridgewater Grill – Teresa Carroll, 6-9PM
New Terrain Brewing Company – Half Pint & the Growlers, 6-9PM

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will hold three public hearings. The first hearing concerns changes to our Domestic Small Livestock and Fowl rules (which I mentioned yesterday).

The second public hearing concerns vacating the southern half of an alley between 23rd and 24th and between Ford and Jackson. A developer plans to build a 51-unit apartment complex on this location, and wants to build over the alleyway.

This project is distressing nearby residents for several reasons. First, parts of the new complex will be three stories tall and will replace single story buildings. It will block mountain views for nearby neighbors and from the streets. Second, people fear it will increase traffic in an area that people already consider too busy. (Note–a traffic engineer says it will not add significantly to traffic.) Third, the developer is not providing the number of parking spaces required to support 51 apartments. They have been negotiating with the high school across the street, hoping to use part of the high school parking lot.

This is one of several recent and upcoming projects in town that have inspired the requests for a moratorium on new construction until we can take a fresh look at allowable height, setback and density. The Planning Commission has already approved this project, but Council must still agree to relinquish the alleyway.

Council’s third public hearing concerns that same project. The developer is asking for an early start–that is, to begin building before receiving the full complement of housing allocations required under our 1% growth limit. Low income housing projects are allowed to request this special provision.

Correction: Yesterday’s post said the Planning Commission would be discussing the North Neighborhoods Plan. In fact, they discussed the North Clear Creek Neighborhood Plan.