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Beer Museum

The Astor House is in the midst of a major renovation.  The 150 year old building had a seriously unreliable foundation, mysteriously unanchored interior walls, and plenty of asbestos to go around.  The City sold off the artifacts that had furnished the building, so returning it to its previous function is not an option.  The Museums director, Nathan Richie, brought an interesting idea to City Council last night.  He suggested turning the Astor House into a Beer Museum, tracing the history of brewing in Golden and in Colorado.  He suggested serving samples and having guest brewers-in-residence.

Council had mixed reactions, agreeing that it was likely to be popular, but wondering whether it was in keeping with our “healthy community” aspirations, and concerned what it might do to the downtown parking crunch. The museum staff will flesh out the idea and bring it back to council.  They would then seek public comment, so the idea is by no means a solid plan or a done deal.  Look for more details to come, and check next  week’s Golden Transcript for an article about the Astor House.

Wine and cheese at Earth Sweet Botanicals, Golden COEarth Sweet Botanicals is hosting “Summer in Paris” this evening from 5-8PM.  They will be celebrating all things French.  Visit the store and enjoy free French drinks, cheeses, and croissants!  They’ll also have French items for sale.  Say something in French (hint: “bonjour”) and you’ll get 10% off.

Check out the photos from last night’s Mopar Big Block Party.  Thanks, as always, to dpowers –

Mopar Block Party 2016