Wind Energy and Beer

Golden Beer Talks

TUESDAY – April 12th – 6:30PM – Windy Saddle Cafe
This month’s Golden Beer Talk will feature CSM’s Dr. Kathryn Johnson, who will discuss “The Evolution of Wind Energy in Colorado and Beyond.”  Dr. Johnson will describe how advances in wind turbines have contributed to the rapid growth of wind energy systems and how local research has contributed to that growth. She also will describe future directions for wind energy systems that will enable more cost-efficient clean energy generation.

A Beer Talk is similar to a TED Talk–but done Golden-style!  We bring in beer from one of Golden’s craft breweries, and have a brief talk about the featured brewery and beers.  Then we move on to the featured speaker, followed by a brief break, finishing with Q&A.  Our topics range from microbiology to Colorado history, bubonic plague to plagues of locusts.

This month’s beer will come from Mountain Toad.  Windy Saddle will offer dinner.  There is no admission fee, and everyone is welcome.  Learn more….