Why Buy Local?

Over the next several weeks, you’ll hear a lot of encouragement to “Shop Local.” That’s because December is the biggest shopping month of the year. Even if you’re not doing any gift shopping, you’ll almost certainly be buying something–groceries or gas, at a minimum.

Why should you make a point of shopping inside the Golden city limits? Because sales tax is the single biggest source of revenue in the City’s operating budget. You can buy groceries and gas anywhere–why not buy them here in Golden, and let your sales tax pay for Golden’s city services?

Today is Black Friday, when the big chains offer discounts to get you in the door. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, when our locally-owned small businesses will go all out to surprise and delight you with unique merchandise or menus and outstanding customer service.

Just so you know…Colorado Mills is NOT in Golden.  For a complete list of every store and restaurant in Golden, check our Shopping and Dining lists.  Whatever kind of spending you do this month, try to do it here in Golden.