Who knew a Tuesday could be so fun?

Golden Beer Talks - The Horse Protection LeagueGolden Beer Talks, featuring Margaret Blaha of the Horse Protection League, will start at 6:30. It’s likely to be a crowded night, so get there early if you want to get a table!  Tonight’s beer will come from Holidaily Brewing Company–Colorado’s only 100% gluten-free brewery.

Old Capitol Grill & Smokehouse will have Live Mic Night from 6-9PM, so stop by to enjoy some local performers.

New Terrain Brewing Company will host Yoga on Tap from 6-7PM.

The Ace Hi Tavern will have Trivia Night, starting at 7PM.

Head to the Mountaineering Center tonight at 7PM for OFA Talks. This is a new and unique forum focused around 12 minute talks on policies affecting each of us— from healthcare to tax policy; “green” technologies to the carbon industries and education. OFA TALKS is fast, fun, informative, and full of facts. People from all walks of life are welcome and encouraged to attend. Learn more….

The Planning Commission will hold a study session tomorrow night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will discuss a request received from citizens of the Central Neighborhoods.

Central Neighborhoods Zoning Change - Golden ColoradoWhen a 44-unit affordable housing project was proposed for the corner of 24th and Ford Streets, the neighborhood was utterly dismayed by the bulk, density, and urban appearance of the proposed building.  They felt like an unwelcome piece of downtown Denver was being shoved into a residential neighborhood in small-town Golden.

The neighbors are suggesting a couple of changes to local zoning that should reduce tension regarding future projects.  First, they suggest that any new buildings north of 24th street be restricted to two stories (the 44 unit building would have been three stories).  Second, they’re asking that new buildings cover no more than 40% of the lot, and that they include some greenery between the building and the sidewalk.  This, again, is a reaction to the 44 unit place, which filled the property from curb to curb.

Planning Commission will also discuss their workplan for 2018.  Learn more….