Cavemen and dinosaurs

Golden Bike Cruise
Don’t forget tonight’s Golden Bike Cruise!  The thme is “Cavemen” and the band is the Lookout Mountain Boys.

Lecture at Dinosaur Ridge
Tomorrow night at 7, Dinosaur Ridge will be offering a lecture on ceratopsians, the dinosaurs with the amazing horns and frills! Have you ever wondered just how many different types of horned dinosaur there were, and which ones lived in your backyard? Head to Dinosaur Ridge tomorrow evening to see a presentation done by Erin LaCount on these odd but beautifully displayed dinosaurs! Recommended for adults only (12 years and older). Free.

The lecture will take place at the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center, 16831 West Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO (map).

Colorado School of Mines Homecoming
Colorado School of Mines Homecoming weekend kicks off tomorrow night, with a lecture by Neil de Grasse Tyson (which is sold out).  For the rest of the weekend’s events, check the Homecoming Page on the Mines website.