Where The West Lives…This Weekend!

Amy Woodward of the Golden Transcript wrote a good article describing this weekend’s Colorado Cowboy Gathering:

A hitching post for cowboy music, poetry

If you’ve never attended any of the events, you should really make this the year to go.  It’s not all poetry; it’s also music and standup comedy, with a western twist.

If you have a horse, you might want to take a cinch-making class, or if you want to pick up a musical skill, try Gary Allegretto’s Learn to Play Cowboy Harmonica Instantly class (which includes a harmonica & a music book to take home with you).  Friday and Saturday, they’ll be serving Campfire Cooking lunches!

They have various shows all weekend, and you can attend some or all.  Or just stop by to have a chuckwagon meal!  Learn all about it at