What’s the city up to this week?

All of these meetings will take place at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  To learn more about any of the issues mentioned below, see the meeting packets on the City’s agenda page.

The Historic Preservation Board meets tonight.  They will consider providing a “certificate of appropriateness” for an addition to 910 Arapahoe Street, which is in the 8th and 9th Street Historic District.  The home was built in ~1960.

The Planning Commission meets Wednesday night.  They will be asked to approve the site plan for a new development on the long-empty parking lot at 19th and Ford Street.  The plan is to build 12 townhouses on that lot.  Since the site is zoned for mixed use and commercial, the developer will need a special use permit (SUP) to allow for all-residential.  The proposed townhouses are 2 stories tall and each has a roof garden.  There will be 22 parking spaces for 12 townhouses.

They will also review a site plan for a proposed “boutique hotel” to be built in the Gateway Village development (Highway 40 and I-70).


Finally, they will consider recommending some changes to city zoning to encourage “urban agriculture.”  The new zoning will include definitions and regulations for community gardens, farmers markets, green grocers, neighborhood farmers markets, produce stands, and urban farms.  These changes are designed to make it easier for residents to obtain fresh, locally-grown produce.

City Council will meet on Thursday night.  They will be asked to approve purchase of a $575K pumper truck for the fire department.  They will consider a request to consolidate 3 lots into a single lot to be used for a CarMax Auto Superstore.  The new business will be east of Kohl’s.

The developer of the new building at 708 13th Street is requesting private parking spots in the public garage next door.  City Council needs to decide whether to reduce available public parking by allowing some garage spots to be “owned.”