What’s The City Up To?

For more information on any of these meetings, visit the City’s Agenda Page and click on the meeting packet.

The Parks & Recreation Board will meet tonight at 7PM at the Community Center.  The City is looking for a new company to run the restaurant at Fossil Trace.  The former operator, Three Tomatoes, ended their relationship (by mutual decision) on December 31st.  The board will discuss the options, as well as the 2017 work plan.  Parks Director Turullo will report on the status of the new Ulysses Skatepark, outdoor fitness equipment, the new park rules, and the Parks Master Plan, which was adopted last week by City Council.

The Planning Commission will have a study session (no public comment) tomorrow night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will discuss ways that the City could subsidize, provide land for, buy buildings for, or otherwise facilitate affordable housing.  They will also consider “Enhanced Transit Options,” designed to provide alternatives to driving private cars.  Options include adding another green circulator bus and facilitating ride sharing.

The Public Art Commission will meet Thursday morning at 9AM in City Council Chambers.  1) There has been a proposal from a community group that hoped to incorporate some children’s artwork in the new park/lid at 6 and 19th.  That group has talked with Public Works and concluded that the lid location won’t work.  They’re going to look for other locations within Golden.  2) A different project may be incorporated into the upcoming redesign of Washington Avenue, north of downtown.  It would likely be installed on a retaining wall.  3) The committee will hear an update on the status of the giant hummingbird that will go in the roundabout by King Soopers.  4) Fund-raising is going well for the proposed elk statues that will go in one of the roundabouts on Heritage Road.  5) Some artwork was donated by a citizen for use in Ulysses Park.  The Parks department is struggling to find an appropriate and safe place to put it.

City Council will hold a study session (no public comment) on Thursday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will consider having Comcast collect an additional 50 cents per subscriber per month to be used to improve the City’s communication equipment.  The Finance Director will discuss possible new revenue sources, such as adding a lodging tax or increasing our sale tax.  The Parks and Rec Director will discuss the new version of the Museum Collections Policy.  This policy was scrutinized after museum staff sold off many of the Astor House artifacts through an auction house in Littleton.  The updated policy requires that the community be told ahead of time before artifacts are sold, so residents have the opportunity to buy them.  The Parks Director will also recommend a Los Angeles-based consultant who will conduct an $86K feasibility study regarding turning the Astor House into a Beer Museum.