What’s the city up to?

Here are brief descriptions of the city meetings that will take place today and tomorrow.  You’ll find much more detail in the meeting packets on the city website.


The Planning Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  The will be asked to approve the other project at 24th and Ford–not the 44 unit apartment building on the north side of that intersection, but the business & residential development on the south side.  They will also review a special use permit for a “Tourist Home” at 1010 12th Street and another that would allow Verizon Wireless to install telecommunications equipment on the rooftop at 109/111 N. Rubey Drive.  Finally, they will consider recommended changes to Golden’s sign code.  They will hold public hearings on all 4 of these topics, so if you have opinions, plan to attend and weigh in.

Tomorrow morning at 9AM, the Public Art Commission will meet in City Council Chambers.  I think they will finally be voting on whether to deaccession the six pieces of art (Bear and Two Cubs, Brother and Sister at the Rodeo, Eddie at Bat, Kids Sledding, Two Deer, Victorian Dress-Up).

City Council meets tomorrow night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will review the year’s special events and evaluate the procedures used to managed them.  The regular business meeting will be followed by a study session .  They will discuss the operating budget for 2017-18, and the financial director will discuss ways to increase city revenue.  The options include increasing sales & use tax, increasing property taxes, adding a lodging tax or a head tax for workers, annexing land to increase our tax base, selling sponsorships to city facilities, increasing fees for city services, and various other measures.