What’s the City up to?


Here’s a summary of this week’s board and commission meetings.  For more details, see the Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page on the City website.

Tonight – The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will meet in City Council Chambers at 6:30PM.  They will consider a grant request for $2500 to help Table Mountain Vision defray the cost of correcting drainage issues in their back parking lot.  They will also consider a request from Golden Liquors to purchase some quarter-and-key operated lockers.  A year ago, Coors instituted a policy of prohibiting purses and backpacks on their tours.  Golden Liquors (which is across the street from the Coors visitor lot) installed some lockers, so the Coors tourists would have a place to stash their stuff.  The lockers have been popular, and the store would like to install a few more.  Staff will brief the board on a project to upgrade the Parfet Park bus stop/transportation center.  They will also discuss last week’s DDA outreach meeting, to see what they learned.

Tuesday – The Parks & Recreation Board will meet at 6PM at Fossil Trace.  They will receive a 1-hour tour of Fossil Trace, and start their regular meeting at the Clubhouse at 7PM.  They will review how we did at managing Clear Creek this past summer.  They will discuss updates to the Parks Master Plan.  They may pursue business sponsorships for some facilities.  The plan update is organized into two parts–“Recommendations with Goals and Objectives” and “Action Plan, Cost Estimates, and Prioritization.”  Each Objective has an Action Plan, except “Focus on Planning for Museums.”  They will also discuss the Parfet Park bus stop/”Mobility Center.”

Wednesday – The Planning Commission will have a study session (no public comment) at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers.  They will meet with members of the Sustainability Board to discuss the Sustainability Menu, which is is part of Site Development regulations.  They will also work with Cindy Pieropan, the City’s expert on Affordable Housing. to discuss potential regulatory barriers that could be preventing the construction of new affordable housing units in Golden and evaluate options for any recommended code changes.

ThursdayCity Council will have a study session (no public comment) at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers.  Museum Director Nathan Richie will discuss community feedback on his plan for turning the Astor House into a beer museum.  Council may tell him to proceed to a feasibility study, or they may ask him to present the public with other options.