“Welcoming and Inclusive” or “Sanctuary?”

Historic Downtown Golden Colorado

Just so you know what’s going on:
A group of citizens, organized under the name “Golden Relief Group,” has been asking Golden’s City Council to proclaim Golden a “Sanctuary City.”  Council has resisted adopting that term, but has emphasized that our existing policies produce the same result.  Our police do not inquire about immigration status unless a person is being arrested for a felony.

The Relief Group has praised the City’s policy, but they really want Golden to name itself a Sanctuary City.

As an alternative, at tomorrow night’s City Council meeting, they will release a Proclamation Reaffirming Golden’s Continued Commitment to Being a Welcoming and Inclusive Community.  They plan to recognize several groups that contribute to this status, including:

Christian Action Guild — operates a Thrift Shop, Food Bank, Back-to-School help, and Santa Shop;
Golden Backpack Program — provides food for school-age children for weekends during the school year and distributes healthy lunches during the summer months.;
Golden Community Center Front Porch — engages seniors in our community life;
Golden High School Gay/Straight Alliance — brings together LGBTQ and straight students, provides a safe space to socialize, and creates a platform for those working to make school equitable for all;
Golden Optimists Bicycle Recycle Program — provides bicycles to students, families, and all who need active transportation;
Golden Relief Group — assists refugees who fled their homeland and relocated to the Denver area;
Golden Rescue Fund — provides emergency lodging, grocery gift cards, bus tokens, gas cards and emergency prescriptions to those in need;
Neighborhood Rehab Project — helps seniors, disabled, and limited income individuals and families stay in their homes by addressing their need to be warm, safe and dry.

The Relief Group is still frustrated, and likely to persist in asking Council to name Golden a Sanctuary City.