This has been an exciting intro to winter!  The forecast says we’ll be in the mid-50s tomorrow and mid-60s by Sunday.

Councilor Casey Brown will have Coffee with a Councilor tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 10-11 at the Community Center (map).

Tomorrow afternoon, the History Museum will host Spirit of Golden: Historic Distilling and Bootlegging in Colorado.  While evidence of alcoholic distillation is found as early as medieval times, the history of distilling in Colorado is particularly rich. Colorado entered its own statewide prohibition in 1916, four years before Congress ratified the Eighteenth Amendment. Looking for safe areas to hide their stills and stashes, distillers and bootleggers quickly established themselves in discreet areas such as Golden Gate Canyon. Stephen Gould, cofounder of Golden Moon Distillery and liquor enthusiast, will join us for a lecture on the history of distilling and bootlegging in Golden and beyond. The lecture will be followed by a tasting of his own handcrafted spiritsLearn more….

The School of Mines will celebrate International Day in the Green Center tomorrow, and the Golden community is welcome to attend.  International Day is an annual “world bazaar” with exotic sights, melodious sounds and heavenly tastes of faraway countries. The exhibits at I-Day include food sampling at 4:30 p.m., and a culture show with dancing and singing performances at 7:00 p.m.   Food sampling tickets are $1 each at the door, allowing visitors to sample cuisine from many different participating countries.  Most samples range from 1-4 tickets.