Walking and talking

In lieu of their usual meeting, the Golden Urban Renewal Authority will spend tonight walking through and discussing the West Colfax urban renewal area.  They are considering several sidewalk and trail improvements to improve safety, walkability, and general appeal in this part of town.  See their meeting packet for a map showing the area under consideration.

Golden Beer Talks

Tomorrow night’s Golden Beer Talk (Tuesday 5/10) features the Deputy State Historian, Jason Hanson.  This is Mr. Hanson’s second visit to Beer Talks.  You may remember him from his discussion of A Ditch in Time, the story of Denver Water, which he co-authored with Patricia Limerick.  This time, he will give a history of brewing in Colorado.

The first locally brewed key of Colorado beer was tapped in Denver to rave reviews from residents at the end of 1859, and today more than 300 breweries throughout the state pour locally made libations for appreciative patrons.

Hanson explores the history of the state’s early breweries and the agricultural enterprises that supported them. Along the way, Hanson investigates what the state’s brewing industry can tell us about broader economic forces–and what exactly it means to buy local when you’re buying the next round.

In addition to his duties as Deputy State Historian at History Colorado, Hanson is a member of the research faculty at the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado Boulder. His work focuses on issues related to natural resource development, land use and Colorado history–with a beer in hand when applicable!

Golden Beer Talks meet at Windy Saddle Cafe, 1110 Washington Avenue.  The talk starts at 6:30.  In order to stake out a table, come a bit earlier.  Dinner is available, but no purchase is required.  This month’s featured Golden brewery is Barrels & Bottles.