Various Ways to Spend Money

Most of the remaining performances of A Christmas Carol at Miners Alley are sold out, but as of Tuesday night, there are still seats available on Thursday the 14th, Friday the 15th, Tuesday the 19th, and Wednesday the 20th.

Tonight is the first meeting for the new Golden Investment Forum Task Force. They’ll meet at 6PM in City Council Chambers, so the meeting should be broadcast live. This group is charged with reviewing all the things we’ve accumulated on our long term shopping list, such as more open space, more trails, more affordable housing, more parks, better sidewalks, a bigger waterpark, a new city hall, an arts center, and on and on…. The shopping list has evolved from lots of public meetings where we’ve said, “This would be nice, and so would this, and so would that.”

This new task force will be looking at that long wish list, figuring out what those things would cost, and trying to find out whether the community wants them badly enough to pay for them. If so, where would we get the additional funding? Raise sales tax? Add a lodging tax? Increase property tax? Raise admission fees?

Or we could decide we don’t want any of that stuff badly enough to pay for it.

The task force has an interesting set of problems to work through. The City has acquired a new online tool that’s designed to solicit public input, and this “investment forum” process will be their first trial of the new tool…so that should be interesting too.

The Colorado Teen Project, Golden Colorado

The Colorado Teen Project is a Golden-based non-profit organization. Their mission is to support foster kids as they “age out” of the system by providing mentors. This group is having a fund-raiser this weekend–a private screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Saturday afternoon at 2PM at the Colorado Mills Theater. There will be Star Wars characters at the event, providing great photo ops. The Golden community is invited to this private showing. The $25 tickets are a tax-deductible donation to The Colorado Teen Project. If you can’t make it, consider purchasing a Pay It Forward ticket for the kids in foster care. The Colorado Teen Project is also looking for sponsors. Promotion for sponsors will include acknowledgement on banners, press releases, and the organization’s website. For more information about sponsorship, please contact Lori Fuqua Gregory, Executive Director.

Golden Kiwanis Club

Remember the hurricane that rocked Puerto Rico in September? The Kiwanis Club of Golden is sponsoring a drive to provide food for the hurricane victims in Humacao, Puerto Rico. The club has a contact in Humacao, in that the son of one of the club members lives there. This Saturday, the Golden Kiwanis will lead a team to pack up to 40,000 high-energy meals to send to Puerto Rico. Would you like to contribute to the cost of the meals? The Kiwanis club will match all donations up to $2500. Contribute here….