Useful Info From the City

The City sends a weekly e-newsletter on Tuesdays.  Yesterday’s contained several useful items.  Trash pick-up is on schedule this week, despite the holiday, so put out your trash on the regular day.  The City is set up to accept Christmas trees for recycling.  Drop it off at the recycling spot off Golden Gate Canyon Road.  They’ll turn the trees into mulch, which will be available for free.  The Community Center will be raising the price per visit by 25 cents, starting January 1st.  Until then, you can still buy multi-visit passes at the current rate.

You can sign up to receive their weekly email at this address:

The Library will offer an iPad Basics class tomorrow from 1:30-3.  Visit the library or call (303) 235-5275 to register for classes.  Tomorrow’s DIY Lab at the library has been cancelled.

Remember—on January 1st, will become Please update your bookmarks.