Tourist Homes, Subdivision, and Affordable Housing

Planning Commission Tonight

The Planning Commission meets tonight at 6:30.  They will consider four cases. Two households in the 8th and 9th Street Historic District are requesting to be permitted as Tourist Homes: 822 10th Street and 1170 9th Street. The owners of 850 Shelton Road are submitting a preliminary plat to subdivide their property into 12 single household lots. The Buffalo Rose is requesting a zoning variance to extend a patio 5 feet into Prospector’s Alley.

Affordable Housing
The final topic for the night will be their discussion of housing policies related to a proposed update of the Comprehensive Plan. The recommended policies state that, “the city will use its resources to ensure that at least 15% of the total housing stock is affordable to low income households, 15% affordable to moderate income households, and 15% is affordable to middle income households. It further recommends that the housing be integrated into existing neighborhoods, that the city reduce regulatory barriers to encourage affordable housing, and that the city subsidize affordable housing

See the details in tonight’s meeting packet. There will be a public hearing, so if you want the city to take steps to create affordable housing, go to the meeting and weigh in…and likewise if you’re more inclined toward laissez-faire economics, you can express your concerns during the public comment period.

City Council Elections

The Leadership Golden City Council Candidates’ Forum will be held tomorrow night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  It will be broadcast live through the City Website and on Cable Channel 8.

You can meet some of the candidates in person this Saturday at Bean Fosters.

If you’re not sure what ward you’re in, check the City’s ward map.  This will be a mail-in election, and the County will be mailing out the ballots soon.  Learn more….