Tonight is for Nature-Lovers

Conservation Colorado in Golden Colorado

Conservation Colorado and Powder7 Ski Shop are hosting a Scorecard Release Party tonight from 7-8:30.

Colorado is known for having one of the most beautiful environments in the nation, and we have a long history of keeping it protected. After all, it’s one of the main reasons why so many people choose to live here!

We all want elected officials in office who will fight to protect our communities, while ensuring the security of our public lands, air, and water across the state. Our state legislators are making big decisions when it comes to the environmental legacy of our state, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of their votes.

Join us for a fun night of discussion, friends, and food while we talk about how our state legislators voted on key environmental issues and how we can continue protecting the state that we love. How does your legislator stack up?  Free Admission
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The Colorado Mountain Club is offering a seminar tonight from 6:30-9 on how to be safe in the back country. Learn more and register….

Finally, as announced yesterday, don’t forget that the Wilderness Society and other conservation experts will be meeting at 6 at the Mountaineering Center to discuss how you can Stand By Your LandLearn more….