Tight traffic and paid parking

Congratulations to the School of Mines people who will receive MS and PhD degrees this afternoon at 5!

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  The meeting will be broadcast live on cable TV and streamed through the city website.  For more information, see the agenda page.


The owner of 1801 Belvedere Drive (the street right below Castle Rock) wants to subdivide his property so another house can be built there.  The planning commission denied his request, because they felt the property was too steep and the danger of falling boulders too great.  The property owner will appeal this decision to City Council tonight.

The Finance Director will report on the City’s financial status.  (Summary:  we’re still in good shape.)


Public Works plans to re-build 19th Street this summer.  They will widen the sidewalk and add an an 8′ wide bike line with a landscaped median separating bikes from cars.  Cars get one 11′ lane each way.  The bike line will only be for west-bound bikes.  East-bound bikes will share the 11′-wide east-bound car lane.  Public Works will ask Council to approve this plan tonight.

The Community & Economic Development Director will discuss downtown parking management.  The City will start using license plate recognition software in June, to identify cars that park too long in one spot.  They are considering installation of pay station kiosks for downtown parking.  As the meeting packet indicates, “…it is very likely that the management system proposed…will certainly generate a significant negative response from parts of the community.  After many generations of free parking, there is an ingrained expectation and a concurrent disinclination for change.”

City Staff will also report on several planned “walkability” improvements throughout the city.

The Library is running their DIY Lab tonight from 5:30-7:30.  They have sewing machines, soldering irons, knitting needles, digital transfer equipment, crochet hooks, an electronic cutting machine, a serger, Dremel tools, robotics components, and more.  Go learn something new, or work on a project.