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GURA – Monday 10/9
The GURA board meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss the handling of the TIF agreement funds for Golden Fossil Point (the under-construction project on the south side of 24th and Ford St.).

For those who don’t know, TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing. It’s how GURA encourages business development in depressed areas. The idea is that they establish the amount of sales tax that the property is currently generating as a baseline. A developer agrees to invest in the property with the understanding that they will be able to generate more sales tax in the future by improving the property. A TIF agreement allows the developer to keep the NEW sales tax (the amount over the baseline) for a fixed number of years, up to an agreed upon maximum. The developer uses this sales tax increment to help pay for the property improvements. If there is no increase in sales tax, the developer gets nothing. It’s a good deal for both the city and the developer.

GURA will also continue discussion of how they might encourage and help finance affordable housing in the GURA areas.  The Planning Commission voted last week to include affordable housing in the city’s plans, and City Council is expected to go with their endorsement. Since the City will be spending money on affordable housing, GURA and TIF are a desirable way to do it. It ensures that new affordable housing will help pay for itself through tax increment funds.

Golden Overlook - possible developmentGolden Overlook Potential Rezoning Neighborhood Meeting – Tuesday 10/10
There will be a meeting at 5:30 at the Jeffco Fairgrounds to discuss a a potential application from the property owner of the Golden Overlook Subdivision, seeking approval for a rezoning to allow commercial uses. The potential request would involve the approval of a PUD for the construction of indoor storage units, as well as a recreational vehicle dealership. The current zoning allows residential use and is platted for 92 single-household lots.  Learn more….

EdComm – Tuesday 10/10
The Economic Development Commission will meet tomorrow night at 7PM in the Public Works Building. They will discuss two of their major sponsorships–the Golden Business News published by, which supports existing Golden businesses, and Traxion, which supports startup businesses and Connects Workspace in the Armory Building.

Materials Recycling FacilityTour the Alpine Waste Materials Recycling Facility – Thursday 10/12
The City has arranged for interested citizens to tour the Materials Recycling Facility, which is in Denver.  The tour will be offered at 9:30AM and 1:30PM.  Contact if you are interested.  Learn more….

City Council – Thursday 10/12
City Council meets Thursday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. Celebrations:  Citizens who participated in the Public Works Academy will receive their graduation certificates. The Police Department will celebrate their continuing accreditation by the Commission On Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. LiveWell Colorado will recognize Golden with “elite” status for providing access to physical activity and healthy food via bike lanes, recreation centers, and farmers’ markets.

Council will vote on a resolution to support the ballot issue regarding solar panels in the Rooney Road Sports Complex. They will vote to revise the Municipal Code as it defines our various boards and Commissions. They will vote to revise the Municipal Code regarding telecommunications facilities in response to changes in the Federal rules.

More information about the board, commission, and council meetings is available on the City’s Agenda, Minutes, Webcasts, Schedule page.