This Week’s Meetings

For the details on any this week’s meetings, see the Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page on the City website.

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA)
will meet at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  (An earlier version of the agenda incorrectly stated that they would start at 5:30 at the Community Center.)

The board will discuss a meeting that they held with property owners in the Colfax urban renewal district.  They will also review the budget–current project expenses and future revenue expectations from the various GURA projects.

Staff will report on planned improvements to the triangle of grass to the south of the strip mall containing Domino’s pizza, Bumps & Bundles, etc.

The developer of a project at 24th and Jackson will request GURA financial assistance.  This isn’t the affordable housing project–this is the one on the south side of 24th.


The Economic Development Commission will meet Tuesday in the Planning Office (1445 10th St.).  Staff from the history museum will report on the Astor House renovations and the beer museum they want to install in the Astor House.  The board will decide whether to continue providing money to Jeffco Business Resource Center, Jeffco Business Education Alliance, and the Traxion business accelerator.

The Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee will meet at 7:30AM Wednesday morning in City City Council Chambers.  They will continue their evaluation of the City’s proposed 2017 Operating Budget (not yet available).  The city will describe their proposed rate and fee changes (no specifics available at this time).

City Council meets Thursday at 6:30PM in City Council Chambers.  The consent agenda includes awarding a contract for $113K to landscape the new skateboard park at Ulysses Park; approving an intergovernmental agreement to make drainage improvements to Lena Gulch, and first reading of an ordinance to sell a piece of city property at 1255 Catamount Drive.  The Public Works Director will present graduation certificates to people who completed the Public Works Academy.  Council will vote on a resolution to provide high-speed internet services.  This item will also require voter approval in the upcoming election.

The hottest topic for the night will be an appeal regarding Planning Commission’s approval of a 44-unit apartment building at 24th and Ford Streets.  In order to approve the project, the Planning Commission had to exempt the developer from the Central Neighborhoods Plan, which required that the property be used for a mix of commercial and residential property.  The appeal asks that Council adhere to the plan.

Traffic Bottleneck

This project drew a lot of public comment at the Planning Commission meeting.  Current residents of the neighborhood pointed out that the area is already a bottleneck for traffic and that the planned parking was not adequate for the number of residents.  They thought that 44 additional dwellings at that point would significantly exacerbate the problem.  The Commission felt that since the development is designed to attract low-income residents, overturning the neighborhood plan was justified.

The hearing on the 44-unit building will be followed by a report from the Planning Department on Affordable Housing in Golden.