This Week’s Meetings

Here’s what the City’s up to this week.  For more information about any of these meetings, see the Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page on the City website.

The Public Art Commission met last Thursday morning.  They have hired another consultant to study the statues along the creek and make a recommendation as to whether they can be kept in the City’s collection.  They expect the report in time for their September meeting.  They approved financial support for some of the cost of the bronze statue of elk, that the Heritage Dells neighborhood requested for their roundabout.

The Golden Urban Renewal Authority meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council chambers.  They will continue discussions about the GURA district along West Colfax.  That area has a lot of vacant property which could be developed into a nicer-looking, revenue-generating area.  The first step in this process was improving the sidewalks.  A GURA project lasts for 25 years, so it will be interesting to see how Colfax looks at the end of that time.  Some budget has also been allocated for the 8th Street GURA project, to improve the sidewalks and landscaping and make it easier for people to get downtown.  There’s been a huge amount of growth along 8th Street in the last five years, including the 8th Street Apartments and several new condominiums, with more to come.

Economic Development meets tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6:30 in the Planning Office, at 1445 10th Street.  Members of that commission sometimes visit Golden businesses between meetings, to learn about the businesses and to see whether the city needs to do anything more, or differently, to support them.  They also sponsor the business incubator (Traxion) in the Armory Building.  They plan a networking event this fall at the Corporate Center office park that will include Pharmajet (needle-less injectors) and State 38 Distillery–“Shots and Shots.”

Parks and Recreation will also meet tomorrow night at the Community Center at 7PM.  Public Works Director Dan Hartman will be there, to discuss the elk crossing on Highway 6.  The board will be asked to approve the document that lays out priorities for their $3M capital improvement budget.  They are working on an update to the Parks & Rec Master Plan.  They have had citizen surveys, and this week, on July 14th, they will host 3 focus groups.  If you’re interested and available, please sign up to participate in one of the focus groups.  The City is working with Jeffco Open Space to continue the Peaks to Plains Pathway from Denver into the mountains.  Rod Turullo, the Director of Parks and Recreation, will provide updates on the Ulysses Skateboard Park and the Astor House artifacts, which were sold at auction, to the consternation of some citizens.

City Council meets Thursday night at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  The Finance Director, Jeff Hansen, will outline the City’s overall financial position (we’re still in good shape).  This meeting will probably be your last chance to comment on whether we should have paid parking downtown.  (Not parking meters–kiosks and paid permits.)