THE PLAGUE and Other Vector-Borne Diseases in Colorado

You may recall that last summer, plague-infected squirrels were found in Parfet Park.  Plague isn’t just something you studied in medieval history–it’s endemic, right here in Colorado.  You can learn more about it Tuesday night (3/8) at 6:30 at Windy Saddle Cafe.

This month’s Golden Beer Talk features Dr. Kenneth Gage of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Dr. Gage will discuss recent plague cases in our region, and provide useful information about how the disease is transmitted and diagnosed.

In his work with the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases (DVBD), based in Fort Collins, Gage oversees efforts to prevent and control diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and mites—including plague, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, Zika virus and Heartland virus.

GoldenBeerTalks2SMGolden Beer Talks are held the second Tuesday of every month at Windy Saddle Cafe.  It’s our local version of TED Talks.  Why do we call it a “Beer Talk?”  Because every month, we bring in beer from one of the Golden breweries and give a brief talk about the beer before the main speaker. This month’s beer will come from our newest brewery–Holidaily Brewing Company, which makes gluten-free beer.

Food and beer are available for purchase, but there is no cover charge, and no purchase is required.  It’s just a fun and enlightening community get-together.  Learn more about Golden Beer Talks and listen to recordings of our past speakers: