The M is shining like a supernova!

The M is white again!  You may recall that it was struck by lightning in November.  For a while, parts of the M were fried and unlightable; then it was running, but they didn’t have enough white LED lights, so it’s been red for about two months.

M by Dr. John SpearPhoto by Dr. John Spear

If it seems brighter than ever now, it’s not your imagination.  Here’s what Dan Dupuis of CSM’s Blue Key Honor Society (the group responsible for the M) had to say:

Yes it is white again and brighter than ever! We finally got 600 new white LED bulbs and installed them this afternoon. Since they do not yet have the decade of UV damage, dirt, weathering, and paint on them, they’re incredibly bright…they also have a higher luminous output than the old ones, too.

Thanks, Blue Key, for restoring our beacon!