The Beltway: A Bad Idea That JUST WON’T DIE

Beltway - Golden, Colorado

Golden has tried to maintain a slow-to-moderate rate of growth over the years. Some of our neighbors along the front range LOVE growth–just can’t get enough of it. With that growth comes ever-increasing amounts of traffic. The pro-growth communities (Broomfield, Arvada, and Jefferson County) have a long-standing dream of creating an expressway along Highway 93 and through Golden, to relieve their own traffic and to give their residents a convenient way to get to I-70. Golden has long resisted that idea, because we don’t want an expressway through our town.

Traffic studies have consistently shown that the dreamed-of highway won’t alleviate the other towns’ traffic. CDOT and the state budget have consistently shown that there’s no money to build this road. Nevertheless, the idea never quite dies–it slips out of the public discourse for a year or two at a time, then it flares up again.  Evidently the idea is being trotted out yet again.

A group called the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority plans to hold several open houses to tell the public about the plan. The first open house will be this Tuesday, July 25th, from 6-8 at Ralston Valley High School. See Golden’s view about all this at

Affordable Housing Open House
Also on Tuesday night, the 26th, the City will hold an open house at the Community Center regarding Affordable Housing.  Plan to attend if you have…

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