Thanks for the flowers!

Nona Brown working on the garden at the Golden History CenterNona Brown at the Golden History Center – photo by Dave Powers

Now that the gardening season is over, I want to thank several volunteers who maintain some of the flowers along the Creek and downtown.  Many people probably assume that the City maintains all of our public gardens.  City workers do maintain the planters along Washington Avenue, as well as the gardens in the parks, and they do a fine job.

Several garden spots, though, are planted and tended by volunteers–people who just spotted a garden that needed some love, and adopted it!

Golden Gardeners Club
Clare Taylor and Jean Cava work in the rose garden at the Golden History Center.

Table Mountain Garden Club
Nona Brown maintains the heritage gardens at the Golden History Center.
Swiss Hoffman and her new helper, Judy Archuleta, take care of the Friendship Garden at the west end of the Clear Creek History Park.
Cindy Shook tends Loveland Gardens, located on the east side of the 1100 block of Washington Avenue.

Independent Gardeners
Vickie Wagner takes care of the gardens around the Golden Visitors Center.  Vickie also serves on the Visitors Center Board of Directors.
Carolyn Grenier tends the garden at the Golden Library.

See some photos of the gardens and the gardeners!