Distiller Stephen Gould Blends Past With Present at the Newly Expanded Golden Moon Distillery

By Colin Wrenn

Stephen Gould hasn’t been hiding, but he has been hard at work. For anyone still yet to be acquainted with Golden Moon Distillery — the craft spirits company started by Gould and Karen Knight in 2008 — the recently expanded production facility and nearby speakeasy have been busy making award-winning hooch and impressive cocktails to well-justified praise and growing popularity... Read more…

Meet the distiller: Stephen Gould, Golden Moon Distillery

The US is one of the world’s largest gin markets, and the biggest export market for UK-produced gin by volume. But a revolution is happening in America (not the one you might think of first!), with explosive growth in the number of local small craft distillers producing unique and increasingly popular gins…  Read more…

Locally-made whiskey brings home the gold

By Christy Steadman

When distiller Stephen Gould puts his mind to making a good whiskey, he goes for the gold — double gold, that is.

Gould’s Golden Moon Colorado Single Malt Whiskey, made locally at the Golden Moon Distillery, was awarded a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in January…  Read more…

First U.S. Distiller Named as Warden of the Gin Guild

On October 16th, Stephen Gould of Golden Moon Distillery became the first American distiller to be named as a Warden of the Gin Guild.

Mr. Gould’s appointment to the Gin Guild signifies the growing importance of American Craft Distilled Gin in England and elsewhere in the global spirits industry.

Stephen Gould and Karen Knight founded Golden Moon Distillery, located in Golden Colorado, in 2008…  Read more….