Golden Software Releases Grapher 15 with New Fit Curve, Axes and Statistical Capabilities

Golden, Colorado, 22 August 2019 – Golden Software, a developer of affordable software for data visualization and analysis, has released Version 15 of its Grapher scientific graphing package with new capabilities to improve a user’s ability to model, analyze and interpret data – and communicate the results… Read more…

Telling data’s story

Golden Software’s focus is data visualisation. The company develops the tools that transform raw, complex data into an easy-to-understand visual format. Blakelee Mills, CEO of Golden Software, said: ‘Our software allows people to tell their data’s story.’  Read more…

Thank You, Pat Madison!

Pat Madison is one of those guys who’s been quietly making Golden a better place for decades.  He moved here from his native Montana in the early 80’s and began working as a comp sci instructor at the School of Mines.  He and a grad student, Dan Smith, developed a graphics program that worked with personal computers, which were new at the time.  Together, they founded Golden Software, which has been producing scientific graphing products for more than 30 years.

When his daughters were young, Pat worked as a classroom volunteer at Shelton Elementary.  He’s been a member of the Golden Rotary since 1990 and has helped with their many service projects, including building the Rotary Amphitheater along Clear Creek.  Pat has also served on the Golden Civic Foundation board for many years.

In the 2000’s, Pat took up sculpture.  He made the giant cutthroat trout along Clear Creek, as well as the butterflies behind the Amphitheater along the Creek.  In 2012, he contributed the statue of a service dog that graces Foothills Animal Shelter.

Pat’s company built their first website in 1994, and reserved two domain names: and  He chose to use the longer name, but held onto, just in case he ever needed it. is a highly desirable name, and over the years, many companies contacted Pat, wanting to buy it from him.  He always declined.

In 2007, I started this community website, using the name  Pat liked what I was doing for Golden, and in 2009 he offered me the use of his coveted domain name.  We made an agreement, that if I continued to run this website for the benefit of the Golden community for 5 years, he would give me permanent use of the domain name.  I’ve now reached the 5 year mark, so this website gets to remain!

Thank you Pat, for yet another generous contribution to the Golden community!