Distiller Stephen Gould Blends Past With Present at the Newly Expanded Golden Moon Distillery

By Colin Wrenn

Stephen Gould hasn’t been hiding, but he has been hard at work. For anyone still yet to be acquainted with Golden Moon Distillery — the craft spirits company started by Gould and Karen Knight in 2008 — the recently expanded production facility and nearby speakeasy have been busy making award-winning hooch and impressive cocktails to well-justified praise and growing popularity... Read more…

Learn (A LOT) About Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Ridge - Golden Cultural Alliance Member

Dinosaur Ridge (a member of the Golden Cultural Alliance) offers a FREE series of classes about dinosaurs. They’re great for people who are interested in volunteering at Dinosaur Ridge, but you’re also welcome to attend if you’re just interested in learning more about dinosaurs! You have several opportunities to take these classes, including both a once-a-week fast track or a once-a-month slow track.

The first class is this morning at 10AM. If 4 or more people request it, the instructor is willing to repeat it Friday morning at 10. Here’s the full schedule of classes.

Fast Track (once a week, 10-11:30 AM)
1/9 1: Paleontology 101
1/16 2: What IS a Dinosaur?
1/23 3: Sauropods
1/30 4: Theropods
2/6 5: Thyreophora Part 1 (Stegosaurs)
2/13 6: Thyreophora Part 2 (Ankylosaurs)
2/20 7: Iguanodonts
2/27 8: Hadrosaurs
3/6 9: Ceratopsians
3/13 10: Pachycephalosaurs
3/20 11: Archosaurs
3/27 12: Mammals
4/3 Dinosaur Ridge Field Trip

Slow Track (once a month, 6-7:30PM)
1/31 Paleontology 101
2/28 What IS a Dinosaur?
3/28 Sauropods
4/25 Theropods
5/30 Thyreophora Part 1 (Stegosaurs)
6/27 Thyreophora Part 2 (Ankylosaurs)
7/25 Iguanodonts
8/29 Hadrosaurs
9/26 Ceratopsians
10/31 Pachycephalosaurs
11/28 Archosaurs
12/12 Mammals

The Economic Development Commission meets tonight at 6:30 in the Public Works Building, 1445 10th St. Golden Moon Distillery is planning to substantially increase their capacity, and they are requesting a tax incentive of up to $25,000 from the City. The Commission will consider the request. They will also review a new application that they have developed for partnerships and funding requests. Finally, they will review their work plan for the year.

Rex Rideout - Golden Beer Talks - Golden ColoradoTonight’s Golden Beer Talk, featuring Rex Rideout discussing the music of the American west, promises to be very popular.  Food and beer will be available at 6 and the speaker will start at about 6:35PM. The event happens at Windy Saddle Cafe.  Rex will also be performing later this month at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering at the Mountaineering Center.

Meet the distiller: Stephen Gould, Golden Moon Distillery

The US is one of the world’s largest gin markets, and the biggest export market for UK-produced gin by volume. But a revolution is happening in America (not the one you might think of first!), with explosive growth in the number of local small craft distillers producing unique and increasingly popular gins…  Read more…

Golden Moon Distillery – The Whiskey you need to drink today

By Gene Kizhnerman

Golden Moon Distillery – Maison De La Vie, Ltd. was founded by Stephen Gould and Karen Knight in early 2008 specifically to produce premium hand-crafted herbal liquors and liqueurs using the best available herbs, spices and botanicals, and made with the same type of artisan production processes utilized by distillers making premium products in the mid-to-late 1800s…  Read more…

Rum and Splash

Splash Aquatic Park - Golden Colorado

The weather may not seem very summer-y, but this is Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer season.  To prove it, the Splash, the City’s water park, will open tomorrow at 10AM!

Ski Bum Rum - Golden ColoradoI’ve frequently written about two of our craft distilleries–Golden Moon and State-38.  You may not yet be aware of Ski Bum Rum.  They’re teaming up with hOMe Yoga Studio tonight to offer a yoga class from 5-7PM.  The $20 admission price includes a one-hour yoga class, followed by a drink at the Distillery bar & tasting room.  Learn more….

Distilling the best parts of life

By Clarke Reader

A lot of ingredients are required to distill good, quality spirits. But one requirement is at the root of them all — passion…  Read more…

Golden Moon Distillery

By Gregory Daurer

Proprietor Stephen A. Gould is an award-winning distiller, a spirits historian, a liqueur revivalist, and an educator.

It doesn’t stop there…  Read more…




This has been an exciting intro to winter!  The forecast says we’ll be in the mid-50s tomorrow and mid-60s by Sunday.

Councilor Casey Brown will have Coffee with a Councilor tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 10-11 at the Community Center (map).

Tomorrow afternoon, the History Museum will host Spirit of Golden: Historic Distilling and Bootlegging in Colorado.  While evidence of alcoholic distillation is found as early as medieval times, the history of distilling in Colorado is particularly rich. Colorado entered its own statewide prohibition in 1916, four years before Congress ratified the Eighteenth Amendment. Looking for safe areas to hide their stills and stashes, distillers and bootleggers quickly established themselves in discreet areas such as Golden Gate Canyon. Stephen Gould, cofounder of Golden Moon Distillery and liquor enthusiast, will join us for a lecture on the history of distilling and bootlegging in Golden and beyond. The lecture will be followed by a tasting of his own handcrafted spiritsLearn more….

The School of Mines will celebrate International Day in the Green Center tomorrow, and the Golden community is welcome to attend.  International Day is an annual “world bazaar” with exotic sights, melodious sounds and heavenly tastes of faraway countries. The exhibits at I-Day include food sampling at 4:30 p.m., and a culture show with dancing and singing performances at 7:00 p.m.   Food sampling tickets are $1 each at the door, allowing visitors to sample cuisine from many different participating countries.  Most samples range from 1-4 tickets.

Locally-made whiskey brings home the gold

By Christy Steadman

When distiller Stephen Gould puts his mind to making a good whiskey, he goes for the gold — double gold, that is.

Gould’s Golden Moon Colorado Single Malt Whiskey, made locally at the Golden Moon Distillery, was awarded a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in January…  Read more…


In the early 2000s, distiller Stephen Gould became fascinated with absinthe. When the U.S. government allowed the infamous herbal spirit to be made and sold in America, in 2007, he began to distill it on antique stills that he had accumulated in his garage…  Read more…