Wendy Bohrson joins Mines as Geology Department head

Wendy Bohrson has been named the head of the Geology and Geological Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines… Read more…

Looking back on 25 years of the ‘deep hot biosphere’

Two Colorado School of Mines microbiologists have coauthored an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that examines the widespread impact of a paper, published a quarter-century ago, suggesting that microbial life exists up to several kilometers deep throughout the Earth’s subsurface…  Read more…

Geology department honors Professor Emeritus Warme

The Department of Geology and Geological Engineering recently hosted WarmeFest, a two-day celebration in honor of Professor Emeritus Dr. John Warme, bringing together over 100 alumni, colleagues and friends from across the world to celebrate his 50-year career…  Read more…

Alameda International HS students come to Mines to learn geology

Students from Alameda International Junior/Senior High School visited Colorado School of Mines on December 7 as part of an outreach program aimed at connecting high schools with a diverse student body to Mines—with a focus on earth science. The program, Mining for Talent, was initiated by the Integrated Groundwater Modeling Center(IGWMC) in conjunction with Jefferson County Public Schools and funded by the National Science Foundation…  Read more…

GE Department hosts Research Fair Feb. 18

The Colorado School of Mines Department of Geology and Geological Engineering hosted the 3rd Annual Research Fair Feb. 18 to provide an opportunity for students to present their research before a panel of judges.

“The Geology & Geological Engineering Research Fair has been a great opportunity for our students to not only present to one another, but also to the judges who come from local companies, universities, and research labs,” said associate professor Kamini Singha, the coordinator of this year’s event…  Read more…

Mines graduate student writes children’s book to expose girls to STEM

Geology graduate student Rania Eldam started brainstorming the idea for a children’s book two years ago at an Association for Women Geoscientists meeting.

“We don’t see many children’s book series where little girls are the main characters and aren’t pretty princesses or fairies,” Eldam said. “It’s always been so important to me to merge those two ideas. I was the girl that wore princess dresses, but my mom would get furious with me because I’d also be in the dirt scrounging around for plants or rocks.”  Read more….

3 reasons your GE professor is into more than just rocks

“What is it you think you’re gonna find? Boredom sets into the boring mind.”  – Lars Ulrich, Metallica

Weimer Distinguished Chair and Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology professor Lesli Wood isn’t a Metallica fan, but uses the song lyrics to explain that “life is too short to be boring or bored.”

And this Mines professor is far from boring…  Read more….

Million dollar donation elevates research for Colorado School of Mines geology lab

GOLDEN, Colo., Aug. 19, 2015 — The Colorado School of Mines Department of Geology and Geological Engineering has teamed up with global scientific instrument supplier Tescan, to build one of the most advanced geosciences research laboratories in the country, bolstered by acquiring two scanning electron beam microscopes, valued at $1 million…  Read more….