Some Local News


Update on the Statues
The Public Art Commission has decided to keep 4 of the 6 bronze sculptures that had been considered for deaccession.  Two Deer, Brother and Sister at the Rodeo, Eddie at Bat, and Victorian Dress-Up were donated to the city, and will remain in the collection.  Two other pieces–Kids Sledding and Bear and Two Cubs–were on loan, and will be returned to the owner.  We may ask to borrow different pieces from the same owner.

24th and Ford
The 44-unit mixed income apartment complex on the north side of 24th and Ford may be “on hold” for now.  The business plan required federal financing, and the project did not receive the grant they had hoped for.  They may pursue other methods of financing the project.  The mixed use development on the south side of 24th and Ford was approved by the planning commission.  That developer will probably next go to GURA to ask for a TIF agreement, and at that point, the public will have another chance to review the project and make comments.