Snakebite cures & cellos

Colorado Environmental Film Festival

This is the last day for the Colorado Environmental Film Festival.  Don’t miss it!  They’ll be showing films from 11AM – 11PM, followed by the Wrap Party, right there at the Mountaineering Museum.

Guy Hill Schoolhouse at the Clear Creek History ParkGuy Hill Schoolhouse – Photo by dpowers

Tomorrow (Sunday the 21st) from 2-3:30, Priscilla Marshall will teach you all about “Mother’s Cures: Health and Sickness on Colorado Homesteads.”  Imagine: It’s 1887 and you are working hard to “prove-up” your 160-acre homestead a day’s ride from Denver City.  Prairie life is dangerous.  If you burn your arm, come down with cholera, or are bitten by a rattlesnake, what can you do? Why, check your cookbook for cures, of course!   Learn about the health challenges and fascinating self-help treatments offered in cookbooks of the 1880s that women used on their families.

Enjoy hot tea and homemade cookies from 19th century recipes. Age 12 and up.  The talk will be given in the Guy Hill Schoolhouse at the Clear Creek History Park, but you need to buy your ticket across the Creek, at the Golden History Center.

Jefferson Symphony Orchestra

The Jefferson Symphony performs tomorrow at 3PM at the Green Center on the Mines campus.  The winner of the 2016 Jefferson Symphony International Young Artists Competition, 23-year-old Alexander Hersh, will perform Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A minor. Alexander brings his beautifully expressive style to this technically challenging concerto. Also on the program is Vaughn Williams’ Symphony No. 3 (Pastoral).  Vaughan Williams Vocal Soloist Stephanie Ann Ball, Soprano  Learn more at